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Review for Galactic Dreams 2 in The Volcano

“Let me break this book down for you as simply as I can: classic fairytales retold in outer space, with cheeky storylines and all the drama of good science fiction. We’re talking aliens, advanced technology, romance and astronomy galore, friends. Less than five pages into reading this beautiful book, which is a collection of three novellas written by Bethany Maines, Karen Harris Tully and J.M. Phillippe, I was hooked! Each novella retells a classic fairytale in a futuristic setting and does so with modern and relatable characters. The three novellas inside Galactic Dreams Vol. 2 are: “The Little Nebula,” by Karen Harris Tully (based on the classic fairytale The Little Mermaid); “The Seventh Swan,” by Bethany Maines (based on The Six Swans); and “The Glitter of Gold,” by J.M. Phillippe (based on Rumpelstiltskin). This was easily one of the best books I picked up since the year began.” – Christina Butcher, The Weekly Volcano