The Faarian Chronicles: Inheritance

Embrace the Warrior Within.

In The Faarian Chronicles: Exile, when fifteen-year-old Sunny Price was forced to move from Earth to her mother’s home planet, Macawi, the worst things she could imagine were leaving her gymnastics career and her best friend behind. She never expected to find herself and her new friends (bubbly cousin Thal and handsome neighbor John) under attack from blood-sucking Anakharu, aka rogue Afflicted, and she definitely never expected her mother, The General, to be wrongly imprisoned for murder.

In The Faarian Chronicles: Inheritance, Sunny is ready to prove her mother’s innocence and force a retrial. However, she never intends to enrage Afflicted rights protesters and bring their anger down on her Kindred. For her own protection, Sunny’s new family sends her away – to warrior school.

At the glass-domed Point Academy, Sunny must face foul bullies, a psycho drill instructor, a vicious school sport, and her crush John completely losing interest in her. Homesick, Sunny considers running away until popular, mysterious Leith brings friendship and her beloved gymnastics back into her life. But is Leith somehow involved in girls going missing? And when Afflicted kidnappers come for Sunny again, who can she really trust? Sunny must risk her own life and freedom to save her friends and figure out who is pulling the strings, all while discovering that her genetic inheritance is more than just her mother’s color-changing eyes.

The Faarian Chronicles: Inheritance

Release Date: July 26, 2016!
Now available for Print and Kindle.

Release Date: July 26! Now Available!

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Excerpt from Inheritance:

“I don’t need excuses, Veridian,” my mother’s hologram said. “The Kindred has enough to worry about without a trainee disobeying orders. I’ve decided to enroll you at The Point, our traditional school for all Katje Warrior candidates.”

“What?” I exclaimed. “But Mom!”

“No buts, Veridian. This is military training, not a slumber party. Pack only the necessities.” And like that, her image faded. I’d been dismissed.