Jupiter Ascending Review

I finally watched Jupiter Ascending – I’m behind the times, I know. But hey, I’m all caught up with Elmo and Dinosaur Train, so I’ve got that going for me! Back to the movie at hand – Jupiter Ascending. I liked it a lot, four opposable phalanges up! (Ok, nerdy, I know. Plus no one, not even nerds, would say that. It’s probably incorrect. Oh well.)

Anyway, the movie really caught my imagination, especially the ending. I’m not saying it was the greatest movie ever. The fight scenes were too long, while the plot was so smushed into the moments in between that it was hard to follow sometimes. I had to run it back a couple times to catch some important bit of dialogue. For that reason, I think I would love the book. And the two leads had good chemistry together, which always makes me happy.

BUT, (there had to be a but, right?) I wish the female protagonist – Jupiter Jones, played by Mila Kunis – kicked more alien behind. There are even a few spots she could have, but doesn’t. I guess that’s her personality, her strength is in her humanity, and I thought Mila did a great job showing that. But, would it have compromised her humanity to kill the people trying to kill her? I don’t think so.

Instead, she gets saved over and over (and over) by the male lead, Channing Tatum, who’s some sort of hybrid wolf-man. I assume that’s better explained in the book. Plus, he’s definitely more attractive without the pointy, hairy ears, but whatever. It just would have been really great for Jupiter to take up the sword (laser blaster) and save herself. To be fair, the ending was satisfying when she seemed to be learning some of the cool, high-tech gadgets that Tatum employs so well. I could imagine Jupiter being an action hero in her own right. Now that’s the movie I want to see! In the meantime, I’ll go look for the book, and hope for a sequel.

Mommyhood vs. Writing: Why Can’t I Enjoy Time With My Two-Year-Old Like His Grandparents?

“Enjoy this time with your little ones, it passes by so fast.”

I hear this advice over and over from people who don’t have young kids. I smile and nod appreciatively. But let’s be honest, some days are not always enjoyable as a stay-at-home mom of two, ages two-and-a-half and two months. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything. More than myself, more than writing. I know how lucky I am. How many people are blessed enough to get one miracle, let alone two? So why do I feel like such an effing ingrate some days? And why do my son’s grandparents enjoy simply playing with him more than I do?

Since giving birth to our baby girl two months ago (has it really been two months already?) we’ve had lots of help from both my mom and my parents-in-law. Which is awesome because the change from one kid to two has been a sleep-deprived, temper tantrum-filled shock to my system.

The grandparents have a great time literally chasing our toddler around and never lose patience with the terrible twos, which really have been terrible lately. But all-in-all, he’s an adorable, smart, good little boy (when he’s not refusing naps), so why can’t I have as much fun with him as they do?

I know what you may be thinking, but it’s not that the grandparents sugar him up and hand him back whenever he poops – they don’t. And I don’t think it’s because they’re not with him all the time – at least that’s not entirely it. They come often, a few days at a time, and our son has stayed at their house several times now for entire weekends of hilarity. They just have more fun with him than I do.

Maybe it’s a matter of experience. They raised three active boys while my son is my first. He’d rather be outside in any weather, while I’d prefer to be inside writing – ha! like that’s happening now. But more than that, I think it’s about patience. They have it in spades, while I feel like I have none. I want it all. Now.

I want to be a good mother first, a good person, and a good writer. I want a writing career and I’m working to make it happen. Why else would I be sitting up writing a blog post at 1 a.m. while everyone else is asleep? It’s taken me well into my thirties to figure out what I want from life and I feel behind, like I have to catch up.

The grandparents are retired. They’ve had their careers. Of course they still have goals, but they don’t feel the impatience with themselves the way I feel. They can focus on having fun with their grand kids.

And now there’s my son, awake from a two-year-old’s nightmare – something about wanting his baseball. So, here I go, to practice patience in motherhood. And then writing while nursing, a diaper change, and finally sleep. But first, patience.

For Grads (And Everyone Else)

It’s not about who wants it the most.

It’s about who works hardest for it.

Go get your dreams!