The Faarian Chronicles: Extinction

Embrace the Hero Within.

Sunny Price may be staying on her mother’s home planet Macawi, but she wants the same thing as every other teen: to be normal (what’s that again?), to spend time with her boyfriend, John, and to keep her family safe. But the “short” stay on her mother’s home planet has gone from disastrous to deadly, with an Ancient alien known as Tiamat haunting her dreams, an evil-scientist dogging her every step, and a horde of zombies knocking down the door. Sunny is starting to think that she may not live to see Earth again.

As Tiamat begins a campaign to rid Macawi of the parasite known as humans, Sunny has to find a way to protect her friends and the new family she’s come to love. But in order to save them, and the lives of every human on Macawi, Sunny must weigh their extinction against her own sacrifice and frightening transformation. Can she embrace the hero within?

The Faarian Chronicles: Extinction

Release Date: March 13, 2018!
Now available for Kindle Pre-Order.

Release Date: March 13! Now available for pre-order!

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