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Exile, The Faarian Chronicles Book 1

“The world that Tully has created is an elaborate place full of action and heart.” —The Entertainer

A Kindle Book Review Award Finalist! 

“A timely, fun sci-fi series with a strong female protagonist. A blast for teens and adults alike.” – G.G. Silverman, Author

Embrace the Alien Within.

Fifteen-year-old Sunny Price dreams of being an Olympic gymnast, but thanks to the worst custody agreement in the universe, she finds out she’s half-alien and is exiled to her absentee-mother’s home planet. She has to give up her friends and elite gymnastics career to live with a mother who only wants to give orders? This. Sucks.

When Sunny arrives on environmentally ravaged planet Macawi, her green, chlorophyll hair is the only thing keeping her alive as she tries to adapt in a huge clan of female warriors in the desert country of Afaar. Between her bullying Faarian cousins, water rationing, ravaging alien birds, and racial tensions with the nearest (but kind of cute) neighbors, Sunny just wants to get home to Earth. But when her unique DNA makes Sunny the target of blood-sucking kidnappers, her mother saves her and is arrested for murder. As much as she wants to go home, can Sunny just abandon her dictatorial mother, even if staying means risking her own life? Can Sunny accept who she really is in time to save her mother and herself?