The Faarian Chronicles: Exile, Discussion Questions


  1. Looking at the cover, how well does it relate to the book? What did you expect the book to be about?


  1. Is Sunny a believable character? Could you empathize with her? Is she likable? Is it important for a main character to be likable? (This is something my writing group and I debated.)


  1. The main theme of Exile is the difficult relationship between Sunny and her mother, General Vaeda Katje. How would the story have been different if Vaeda had had the money and time to visit Sunny regularly while she grew up? Why do you think Vaeda made the decisions she did, not to visit, yet still insist Sunny come to live with her?


  1. There are several other, secondary themes in the book: The environment, feminism, dealing with change, following orders. How important do you think these are to this story and how it plays out?


  1. The story is told solely from Sunny’s point of view. How would it have been different from Vaeda’s point of view? Cousin Thal’s?


  1. How do you think the story would be different if the main language of Afaar were English, instead of the fictional Faarian?


  1. In America, a teen would have at least some say in a custody agreement as to which parent she wants to live with; Sunny is not allowed that choice. Given that her parents are literally from two different planets, what could they have done better? What would you have done in Sunny’s place? In her parents’ place?


  1. Sunny comes from a small, wealthy family in America. She is determined and works hard toward her goal of being an Olympic gymnast, but she’s also very privileged to be able to follow that goal. What do you think of her mother’s insistence that she give up her dream? What has been your experience with working toward your goals or following your dreams?


  1. How does Sunny grow, what does she learn in this first installment of her story?


  1. What do you think will happen in book two? Will Sunny give up the goal she’s worked so hard for and assimilate into the Kindred? Should she?