Reviews for The Faarian Chronicles

Exile, Inheritance, and Extinction

5 Star Reviews All Around ~ Readers’ Favorite!

“You just don’t want to stop reading… After having read all three books of the series in about a week, I have no problem with recommending this series to people who love good YA novels that mix science fiction, fantasy, a little bit of romance, and coming of age themes.” – 5 Stars! 

“A timely, fun sci-fi series with a strong female protagonist. A blast for teens and adults alike.”

G.G. Silverman, Author, Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress

“The world that Tully has created is an elaborate place full of action and heart.”

“…an inspiring culture, terrifying creatures and an energizing battle of good versus evil.”

– The Entertainer (full review, p. 21)