A Love Letter to the Historic Raymond Theatre

I went to go see a movie a couple weekends ago – Jurassic World – by myself. Blissfully alone.

This may not sound like a big deal, but as a mom of two littles, to see the new sci-fi movie on the big screen, in all its loud, violent glory – it was big. I got my $5 adult ticket, my $2 Raisinettes and my $1 bottled water and went into the beautiful, historic theater. Yes, you read that right. No, I didn’t take Marty McFly’s time machine back to 1985. New movie, remember? That’s the Sunday matinee price (the regular evening price isn’t much more). Boo-yah.

Where is this cinematic oasis, you ask? It’s in my hometown, Raymond, Washington. There are benefits to living in a small town.

Like anywhere, some people complain about living here, but I have an advantage – I’m an import. I can appreciate all the unique things that come together to make this small town so special.

Like the historic Raymond Theatre. It’s an old, beautifully restored theater in downtown Raymond, retaining its 1920’s charm and decor.theater3 They only play one movie, once on Friday evening and twice on Saturday and Sunday. There’s no 3D and they have to play the same movie at least two weeks in a row to get first run movies. But the seats are new and comfy, the popcorn is fresh, the people are friendly, and you can’t beat the price. The last time I went to a movie in Olympia, it was $11.50 just to walk through the door.

Besides movies, the Raymond Theatre also hosts community events and live performances for (almost) every musical taste put on by Sunday Afternoon Live. And the Willapa Harbor Chorale, the local choir I’m proud to sing in, performs there for Christmas and spring concerts.

So if you’re ever in Raymond, stop in for a show. This is what a small town theater is meant to be.

Photos via http://www.raymondtheater.com/photos