Cover Reveal!

I’m so excited to share the new cover for Inheritance! Isn’t it Gorgeous? A huge Thanks to Juel Lugo of Lilt Design for her mad skills!

The Faarian Chronicles, Inheritance will be released July 26, 2016! Pre-Order available now for Kindle and other digital versions at Smashwords.

Writing Progress!

The Faarian Chronicles: Exile - July 10, 2015!
The Faarian Chronicles: Inheritance (book 2) July 26, 2016!
The Faarian Chronicles: Book 3

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The Faarian Chronicles: Exile

Embrace the alien within. Forced to go live with her dictatorial mother on another planet, a half-alien teen finds herself the target of blood-sucking kidnappers. When her mother saves her and is arrested for murder, she must risk her own life to fight for her mother’s freedom.

“You must be Veridian.” I nodded and waited, but my mother didn’t continue. She was looking at me as if she too was trying to find something familiar in my face.

Really? That was all she was going to say? “Sunny,” I croaked and cleared my dry throat. “People call me Sunny.” Which you would know if you’d ever been there….

Reviews for The Faarian Chronicles

“A timely, fun sci-fi series with a strong female protagonist. A blast for teens and adults alike.”

G.G. Silverman, Author, Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress

“The world that Tully has created is an elaborate place full of action and heart.”

“…an inspiring culture, terrifying creatures and an energizing battle of good versus evil.”

– The Entertainer (full review, p. 21)

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Karen-Sample1Karen Harris Tully creates elaborate worlds for her novels aided by her bachelor’s in political science and economics. A PNWA member, she’s the author of Janie’s Got a Car, published in Creative Colloquy, Volume One. After growing up in the snowy mountains of Colorado, Karen experienced the traffic nightmare of Seattle before accidentally realizing she’s a small-town girl. She happily lives in Raymond, WA, singing karaoke with her amazingly supportive husband, two beautiful children, and one disgruntled feline.